The Worlds Largest Conservatory?

The Brief:

Within these case studies, a big talking point of ours has been our Orangeries and Bi-Fold Doors. So as a way of showing something different, we thought we should highlight one of the biggest jobs that we ever did. A few years ago we were employed by Arena UK in Grantham to construct a conservatory which would be able to stretch across a section of their building thinking that it would be similar to other jobs that we have completed in the past. However, when we saw the size of the building in question, we realised that this would be a huge job. Measuring out a 55 Meters long and 4 Metres wide, making it longer than an Olympic sized swimming pool, this conservatory was not only the largest Conservatory that we have built, but we believe it to be one of the biggest Conservatories ever constructed. It is truly one of our favoured builds, and after gaining recent feedback, still a fantastic addition to the Arena UK property.



The Products Used:

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