A Combination of Aluminium and UPVC

The Brief:

Within our showroom, we have on display a variety of different products in order to show customers exactly what is available within the industry. We have intended as well to have products made of different materials on display, but that are finished in the same colour to allow customers to combine two differently manufactured products for their home improvement project.

With this customer, they originally came in looking at replacing the windows at their home with something that was a different design of their current UPVC white bevelled windows, similar to every other window on their street. When they came to our showroom they were interested in a flush casement design to give their home a modern aesthetic, a complete parallel to what they had, and were drawn to the Ali-look system we have on display, which is manufactured by Timberlook. This window, when finished in smooth anthracite grey, can look so similar to a Aluminium windows that  many of our customers struggle to see the difference upon first glance. With that decided by the customer, they were also interested in a new front door, after seeing the aluminium doors we have around our showroom, in particular the Origin SE01 panel. Before making a final decision, we created an image for the customer which showed the Ali-look windows, and Origin SE01 door fitted to their home, and after seeing this they then decided to go ahead with the project.

As you can see from the images displayed, the final results are brilliant with the UPVC Ali-look windows and the aluminium Origin really complimenting each other, and giving the property a really modern finish.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Entrance Doors uPVC Windows

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