Conservatory with Kitchen Updated with Orangery Roofing System

The Brief:

Whenever we complete a job and leave the customer to fill the space how they wish, we are always interested to know how build looks once it has had furniture installed and has been lived in, this particular job was defiantly one where we were glad to see what happened to it once the customers had furnished it. Take this customer for example who came us asking if we would be able to improve their conservatory recent heating issues as it was becoming too cold to use in the winter and too hot during the summer. One added thing with this particular conservatory was that it had kitchen installed in it, meaning that the job couldn’t be a rebuild job, meaning taking all of the conservatory down and then rebuild it, so instead we suggested to the customer that we replace the glass within the current frames with Celcius Elite windows instead that would reflect 78% of heat from the outside while also keeping in a large amount of the heat from inside of the conservatory, and also adding a brand new roofing system, similar to what is installed on orangeries. As you can see from the images, this build is really a brilliant transformation which even though it is slight it something special.

The Products Used:
Roof Lantern Conservatory French Doors

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