Wooden Conservatory Transformed into Aluminium and UPVC Alternative

The Brief:

Over the years our team has worked on a large number of different projects. From renovations to full scale property developments, our team are able to tackle any project for our customers. In many cases, if a customer has had us be a part of one of their projects, they will ask us to work again on their as part of a new job they are having done.

Take this customer for example who had us previously install a three pane Origin OB-72 bi fold door at the rear of their house to allow easy access from their kitchen to their garden, after this they called us up to have us change their conservatory. The customers current conservatory was made up of wooden windows and a wooden framed roof with poly-carbonate fitted with it, the main issue for this conservatory was that the space was only usable during certain times of the year. With this being the case, the customer asked us to remove all the wooden frames and roof, and create a new build that would take the place of the previous conservatory, but also stretch further across the rear of the property to create a P shaped conservatory.

With us creating a P shaped conservatory, this required our team to construct a portal frame that would allow our team to fit the windows and doors as a part of this build. Along with building a steel frame, our team would go on to fit upvc anthracite grey windows and a set of upvc sliding doors to allow access into the conservatory from the customers garden. As a finishing touch, we fitted Ambi-Sunshade blue self cleaning glass into the aluminium roof, this particular glass is able to retain heat within the conservatory during the winter while also reflecting the heat from outside the conservatory during the hotter days of the year, while also having a self cleaning film on the outside of the glass meaning that the customer won’t need to clean it them self throughout the year. As you can see from the images, the final results are brilliant, and the new space can be used by the customer throughout the year.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Bifold Doors

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