Window and Residential Door Fitting

The Brief:

When customers come to our showroom, we always try to make sure that we have plenty of product options on show so that the customer can see what the products they are wanting look like in person, rather than just looking at pictures all the time. When this customer came into our showroom, they were drawn towards one of the windows we have on display, which was finished in cream, and also had a look at a composite door with a Natural oak finish. After speaking with a member of our sales team, they decided to have all of the windows at their property replaced with windows resembling the same style of window in our showroom, this included having bow windows installed at the front of the property, a set of french doors finished in cream to match their windows, and a two new residential doors, one for the front of the house and another for the back, both of which would have the natural oak finished applied to them. As you can see from the pictures presented, the final results are stunning and the new windows and doors blend in with this beautiful property.

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