White Orangery with Stone Pillars

The Brief:

Over the years we have fitted a wide variety of orangeries, all of which have been constructed differently, from having different window arrangements and door configurations, to having different electric options fitted in both the interior and exterior of the orangery. This particular orangery however is something quite different as instead of using brick work to be used to construct the frame, stone was used in order to match the aesthetic of the property. As well as using stone to construct the orangery, we knocked through into the customers property to make an open plan living space, we installed six windows with three windows being on the west and east sides of the orangery, and finally we fitted a six pane bi fold door with three panes opening to the left and three panes opening to the right. As you can see from the images, this is really a fantastic build and provides the customer with a fantastic new living space which matches perfectly with the property already.

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