Walnut Conservatory Transformed into Bespoke Glass Building in Anthracite Grey

The Brief:

Here at Basfords, we are constantly asked if we are able to replace a customers conservatory with a brand new orangery without having to increase the size of the base already in use, to which we answer of course. This was the case with this customer who wanted to have a brand new orangery installed in their back garden to replace a conservatory that they currently had but didn’t want the size of the orangery to exceed the projection of the base which was currently being used by the conservatory. After speaking with the customer at their property to discuss options with them, they decided to have an orangery consisting of brick work matching their property, a five pane bi fold which would lead from the orangery into the customers garden¬†and four vertical sliding windows with two on the east and west wall of the the orangery. As you can see from the images above, the addition of this orangery is certainly a step away from the original conservatory the customer had and is certainly a brilliant build, the customer liked it so much in fact that they later asked if we could install new windows around the whole house and another five pane bi fold which would lead from the customers bedroom onto a balcony they already had, this really a brilliant build all things included.

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