Two Orangeries Fitted at One Property

The Brief:

Over the years, our team has numerous amounts of orangeries up and down the country, all of which have varied in size, door/window options, colours and flooring choices. This has of course resulted in our team adapting to any situation that they come across when installing an orangery, which was a positive in regards to this job. This customer came to us asking to have not one, but two orangeries installed at the rear of their property, both of which were the same size, with one installed with a skylight roof and an Origin five pane bi fold door with integral blinds, and the other fitted with two skylights, a set of french doors, and four sets of sash windows, two of which were dummy sashes. Both of these orangeries would be fitted in an L shape at the rear of the house and would also have patterned brickwork above the bi fold doors and the patio doors as well. As you can see from these images, although this was quite a large job, the final results are stunning, with both of these orangeries looking like the perfect match for this customer.

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