Timberlook Windows Fitted Alongside Origin Bi Fold Doors

The Brief:

For our customer we aim to provide products whose profiles can match up very well, even when they are made from different materials, this allows customers to combine different finishes together for their home. For example, upvc products are able to have wooden finishes applied to them that have the look and texture of a wooden finish, while aluminium products can only have a finish that looks like a wooden window but no texture to it.

For this customer they wanted to replace the wooden windows in their home with new upvc alternatives, that would still have the same look and texture as their current windows. With this in mind, we suggested that they have Timberlook windows finished in Black timber foil on the outside and white timber foil on the inside completed with leaded glass. As well as this, they wanted to have the sliding doors at the rear of their home replaced with 2 Origin aluminium doors with one set compromising of three panes, and the other compromising of 2.

As you can see from the images, the final results are very impressive with the new Timberlook windows looking remarkably similar to their predecessor and the Origin bi fold doors also add a brilliant finishing touch too.

The Products Used:
Timberlook Windows

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