Timberlook Bay Window With A New Roof

The Brief:

With the range of products we provide, we always aim to ensure they can be configured in a number of ways to ensure they meet any customer needs possible. This is extremely important to us with the windows that sell to our customers, with each option being able to be manufactured to multiple sizes and configurations to ensure that any design required is possible. For customers in traditional properties this is really important due to conservation guidelines restricting customers from altering the designs of their property when installing new windows, with this in mind we are proud to provide these customers with the Timberlook windows.

This window range is constructed with conservation properties in mind and has the look and feel of a typical wooden window, but is actually made out of upvc, also meaning that they are cheaper in price. For this project the customer wanted to have cotswold grey windows fitted across their home, with one of their main windows being a bay window located at the front of their home. As part of replacing this window, our team also needed to construct a new roof for the bay as part of the new shape and design of the windows being fitted. As you can see from the images, the job was extensive, but the final results are brilliant, especially the Timberlook bay window.


The Products Used:
Timberlook Windows

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