Three Pane Dutemann Glide S Sliding Door Installation with Two Skylights

The Brief:

It isn’t uncommon for customers to come over to our showroom to see what additions can be made to their home, while they’re also having an extension fitted by another company. It is also very common for us to work with other companies that are also working at the same property where we are fitting some products. When it came to this particular job, both of these situations played out as a customer was having an extension built at the rear of their property, and they wanted to have some sliding doors installed as an access route into their garden. When they came to our showroom, they were drawn to the Dutemann Glide S we have installed on one of our orangeries and wanted to have a three pane configuration with this particular slider at their property. On top of this, they also asked if we would be able to fit two skylights in their extension, with one being flat glass and the other being a pitched skylight. As you can see from the pictures, the final results of this build are fantastic, with the customer now not only having a unique extension, but a stunning entrance and exit route to their garden, and plenty of natural light flooding the space.

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