Sliding Doors Installed to Enjoy a View

The Brief:

When ever it comes to adding a new entrance way to a property, one consideration that a lot of customers make is how the entrance way will affect the view seen through it. With this being the case, it’s no surprise that so many customers opt to have a set of sliding doors installed due to their only being one thin profile obstructing the view, in comparison to have multiple profiles with bi-fold doors, or not enough of a view with french doors. Take this customer for example who wanted to enjoy the view¬†looking down into their garden when looking from a new gable they were having fitted at the rear of their hosue. After visiting our showroom and seeing what sliding doors we had on offer, the customer decided to have a set of Real Aluminium Sliding doors installed, along with a set of gable windows that would be fitted above the sliding doors. As you can see from the images, the finished product really is something special and provides not only a fantastic view of the customers garden from the inside of the property, but also a fantastic view of the rear of their house when looking from their garden too.

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