Slate Grey Bi-Fold Door in Derby

The Brief:

Every once in awhile we will be asked to complete a job which has a certain unique quality to it that makes it a one of a kind installation. A job like this was from a customer in Derby who originally contacted us asking about having a new set of Bow Windows installed at their Home. After arranging an appointment at their home and speaking with a member of team and showing them what options we can offer, they asked if they could come to our Showroom to see their available options in person. The following weekend from the appointment the customer came in and was taken back by the amount of products that we had on show, especially with the Origin Bi-Fold Doors that we have on offer. After requesting to speak with the same member of the team, her initial plan was changed and instead she requested to have a set of Origin Bi-Fold Doors added into the space where her current Bow Windows were.

With this being decided upon, a design was created in which the customer would still be able to keep the frame of her Bow Windows and we would replace these windows with a set of 3 Pane Origin Bi-Fold Doors as well as a two Side Windows on either side of the doors. As you can see from the images, the results are drastic but charming, not only allowing the customer easier access to their garden but also allowing the customer to view their garden more.

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