Seven Metre Orangery Installation

The Brief:

Over the years we have installed a large amount of orangeries with numerous different options installed and ranging a number of different sizes, there really is no telling on what size orangery we will do next thanks to how imaginative our customers can be. Take this customer for example, they wanted to have a 7 metre wide by 4 metre projection orangery installed in their back garden, with it having a three pane sliding window installed on the north side of the orangery, as well as full width window installed on the east side of the window and a three pane bi bi fold installed on the west side. to finish of the job as well, the customer asked if we would be able to knock through the wall where the orangery would be, eliminating the need for any doors to be used in the entrance way. As you can see from the images, this orangery provides plenty of space for the customer and allows them to be closer to their beautiful garden.

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