Rosewood Orangery Installation with Brickwork pattern

The Brief:

When we are ordering the materials for a customers orangery, we realise how important it is for the brick work of the orangery to match up with the brickwork of the customers current property, which is why we work hard with our suppliers to ensure we get bricks that are a perfect match to that of the customers property.  For this customer, they had requested for us to build an orangery for them which not only had matching brickwork with their property but also had a replicated brick work pattern across the top of the orangery. As you can see from the before and after images, we were able to replicate the design perfectly and build a stunning orangery in the process, complete with a six pane bi fold door, with three doors opening to the left and three doors opening to the right, and six windows with a 60/40 split allowing the windows to be opened making this a fantastic dining space for the customer which can be used all year round.

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