Rosewood Orangery Finished Just in Time for Christmas

The Brief:

When it comes to fitting any of our products at customers properties, we always try to get our jobs finished off as quickly and as efficiently as possible so that our customers don’t have to wait for ages in order to enjoy their new build. Take this customer for example, they asked if we would be able to build an orangery with a Rehau uPVC four pane bi fold door finished in rosewood on the exterior face and white on the interior face on the north side of the orangery, four Rehau uPVC windows installed finished in rosewood on the exterior of the windows and white on the interior which would be on the east wall and finally a two pane sliding door finished in white on both sides which would lead from the customers property into the orangery, and have the project finished before Christmas. So from starting the job we had the intention of getting the orangery built, plastered, install all electrics and fully painted a few weeks before Christmas so the customer had time to furnish the orangery. As you can see from the images, we certainly kept our promise with the customer having their orangery finished two weeks before Christmas eve and the results really are brilliant providing a fantastic space just in time for Christmas.

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