Replacing a French Door with a Bi Fold

The Brief:

When it comes to customers asking to replace one of their current entrance ways with something new, the common conception is that it is quite a tricky project to take on, but in reality it’s quite the opposite as the majority of the hard work has already been completed. This is because the aperture has already been created in the property so the only work we have to do check if structurally the door will work and then of course install the door itself. When it came to this customer meeting¬†with us, the idea that they had was to replace their two current french doors with two sets of Origin Bi Fold doors, finished in anthracite grey. As you can see from these images, the differences between the customers old french doors and their new Origin Bi Fold doors is massive, and now provides the customer with a modern look at the rear of their home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Bifold Doors

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