A Property with Timberlook Windows and Origin Doors

The Brief:

At Basfords we try to provide our customers with as many different products as possible, allowing them to make what ever decision they want in regards to their products with out feeling pressured or having to settle with a decision. With this in mind, we provide our customers with different variations of windows that are not only designed differently, but are also varied in price as well to accommodate as many customers as possible. This can also allow some of our customers to choose various different options for products at their house.

This was the case for this customer, who was wanting to replace their front door, all the windows and also add some bi fold doors in different areas of their property. Across their home they decided to have an Origin SE01 front door with two side panels, 2 three pane Origin Bi Fold Door, a Origin aluminium sliding door, and Ali-look windows fitted, all of which would be finished in anthracite grey to provide a modern look across the home.

When looking at the before and after shots, the difference in this customers home is amazing, with the new additions breathing new life into the property.


The Products Used:
Timberlook Windows Aluminium Entrance Doors

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