Property fitted with Schuco Products

The Brief:

When providing customers with our selection of products, we try to make sure that the manufactures of the products can provide more than just one thing for a customer, resulting in us providing products from manufacturers who can provide such additions like bi fold doors, windows and single doors. When this particular customer came to our showroom, they were wanting to have a set of three pane bi folds installed, along with a single door, a set of french doors and two floor to ceiling windows as well. In regards to the designs of these products, the customer wanted to have a frame which was a modern design and designed to have straight lines forming the frame, meaning that the view through each of the products would be better than that of a frame which was curved. Because of this, we suggested that the customer looks at having all Schuco products, and as you can see from the pictures the selection of products certainly matched the customers specifications.

The Products Used:
Aluminium French Doors Aluminium Bifold Doors

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