Property Fitted with Origin Windows and Origin Doors

The Brief:

One of the most popular range of products that we sell to our customers is the extensive range of Origin products that we have on display in our showroom. Within our showroom we provide our customers a chance to see Origin bi fold doors, sliding doors, windows and residential doors in person which is something we encourage our customers to do before making any purchasing decisions. Take this customer for example, they had researched the Origin range of products online and gave us a call to make a purchase, but we suggested to them to come into our showroom and see the products they were looking at. So when they came to our showroom to have a look at our products, they were able to gain a better idea of what these products would look like within their property, and after speaking with a member of our sales team, they had placed an order for Origin for four sets of french doors with two fitted up stairs and two down stairs, windows across the property, a four pane bi fold installed in the centre of the property, gable windows and normal windows fitted across their new build property that they had recently purchased. As you can see on the image above, all of the installations look fantastic in this contemporary property, and they all really help stand out from the crowd.

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