Property Fitted with Origin OW70 Windows and a new Origin Residential Door

The Brief:

At Basfords, we try to secure our customers exclusive products to so they can receive a unique experience when choosing from the range of products we provide. For the range of Origin products we provide for our customers, we have been able to achieve a number of perks thanks to our status as an Origin Premium Partner. This ultimately means we are a trusted supplier and installer of the Origin brand and are able to help Origin customers achieve the perfect look for their home by providing all the origin products with premium products added to an order at no extra cost. Being a premium partner also allows us to receive new Origin products that have not been released to the general market.

Take this project for example, as this customer was wanting to replace all the windows in their home with Origins OW70 window system, as well as change their old front door for a new Origin residential Door. After they looked at the residential door panels on offer, the customer wasn’t sold on them and asked if Origin provided anything else to customers. So we asked Origin the question and they said they were releasing a new panel which featured a long thin pane of glass down the centre of the panel and indentations down the panel as well, and when the customer saw this they decided that it was the door they wanted. As you can see from the images, the completed installation and the change in exterior colour really breathes new life into this customers home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Windows

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