Pebble Grey Origin Bi Fold Doors Installed

The Brief:

When customers come to our showroom looking for bi fold doors, one of their main considerations is what colour options are available for the products, and knowing if the colours of choice will work with the customers property. When it comes to colours we’ve ensured the bi folds we supply can be finished in a wide range of colour choices, so that the customer is able to find a look that is perfect for their home, and to ensure the customer is comfortable with their choice, we are able to provide customers with a super imposing service, where we can take an image of the customers home with the desired area for the bi folds in the image, and then put an image of their chosen bi folds into that position so they can see exactly what the final installation would look like. For this customer, they wanted to have two sets of Origin bi fold doors installed where they currently had a set of french doors with side windows and a patio sliding door fitted.  After coming into our showroom to talk about their options, the customer had decided to have 2 sets of Origin bi fold doors fitted, but were yet to decide the colour and asked if they’d be able to see an image of their property with Origin bi folds in anthracite grey, pebble grey and white finishes. When sending over the three images, the customer opted to have their Origin doors finished in pebble grey, and as you can see from the images, the new Origin bi fold doors in pebble grey are a fantastic addition to the customers home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Bifold Doors

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