P Shape Conservatory Installed Across Rear of Customers House

The Brief:

When it comes to installing conservatories at customers houses, one of the benefits of these builds is how many design options are available to customers. With conservatories being able to be installed in a range of shapes or with different roof designs, these alternative extensions really do provide people with so many options to choose form. One of the more unconventional conservatory designs available to customers is the P shaped conservatory, which is predominantly used by customers that want to have as much space as possible available in at the rear of their property. This was the case when this customer came to see us last year and asked if we could install a P shaped conservatory at the rear of their property, with the frames of the windows being finished in black to give the P shaped conservatory a modern look. As you can see from the images with this project, the final results look brilliant with the customer now having a very spacious living space to enjoy.

The Products Used:

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