Origin Slimline Windows Fitted into a Farmhouse

The Brief:

With our customers, we aim to provide a large selection of windows so that our customers are able to find the product that is perfect for their home. While providing a large selection of windows, we’ve ensured that each version has something different about it, for example our Timberlook range are UPVC windows with a wooden foil made for conservation areas, while our range of Origin OW8O windows are made to provide a modern finish to a home. For this project though, the customer decided to go for something else.

When they came into our showroom for the first time, the customer explained that they had find us online via Origins website when looking for local installers in their area and we were the recommended partner of theirs. The customer was particularly interested in seeing the Origin OW70 Slimline window as they believed it would work best within their refurbished farmhouse project, and with it being a slim frame would help allow as much light as possible come into the house, the main thing they weren’t sure on though was a colour. After spending some time with a member of our sales team, who showed images of previous farmhouse projects we had worked on, the customer felt that the Agate grey finish (Ral 7038) would work best with their home.

As you can see from the images, the customers research paid off and they are now able to enjoy their completed farmhouse for years to come, and can enjoy the views of the countryside all year round thanks to the slim frame of the Origin OW70 window.

The Products Used:
Timberlook Windows

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