Origin Residential Door Installed

The Brief:

As customers that have visited our showroom will know, we have on site the largest collection of on display Origin products in the country, stocking even more than Origin do in their own showrooms! With this being the case, we are able to procure brand new Origin products before other companies in the country, this is what happened when the Origin residential door was first released into the market. When the door was first released, we were provided with four different Origin residential doors to have on display within our showroom, that are able to be opened and used by customers. Because of having these doors on display, it wasn’t surprising when this customer purchased a door within a few weeks being in our showroom. After liking the design of one door in particular, the customer asked for a door that was the same design and colour as the one in our showroom, but also wanted to have two side panels installed on either side of the door as well. As you can see from the images, this new residential door is a perfect match to this customers property and looks fantastic within the archway of the customers home.

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