Our Origin Design Hub

The Brief:

It’s a little known fact that at our showroom in Nottingham we actually house the largest collection of built Origin products on display in the country with over twenty Origin projects on show for customers to look at and try out as well. After being awarded the Origin Best Partner Midlands award for the fourth year running, we thought we’d add something unique to our showroom that showcases Origin and shows what our team are capable of doing with Origin products. And with that decision we built this, the Origin Design Hub. Within this spacious Gable at our showroom, we have a three pane Origin Bi fold door finished in white; with a set of gable windows fitted above the bi fold itself, a selection of Origin Marketing boards showcasing colour options available to customers, bi fold door configuration options, threshold options and the different door handles available for bi fold doors. But one thing that makes this space¬†something truly special is the fact that we have one of the brand new Origin two pane Sliding Door on display, a product which isn’t available for domestic sale yet, finished in anthracite grey which is set up within the gable it self. This space within our showroom is something that we a really proud of and we look forward to continuing the relationship we have we Origin for years to come.

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