Origin Corner Bi Fold with Flush Floor Level

The Brief:

When it comes to customers looking at bi fold doors, we aim to provide a number of different configuration options so that our customers can have free will when making their choice of bi fold door. This means that our customers are able to have a large number of panes opening from either side, the centre or having one pane opening like a door and other panes sliding in the opposite direction. One of the more popular configurations we provide are corner bi folds which allow customers to open a corner of their home or extension nothing obstructing their view once open, it is because of this why they are one of the most popular configurations we provide.

For this customers project, they wanted to have a set of Origin anthracite Grey bi fold doors and some Origin anthracite grey windows added to an extension they were having built. The size of the corner bi fold measured three metres each side meaning that when the Origin bi folds we open, the customer would be welcomed with a large opening to enjoy. The other main requirement for this build was for the bi folds to have a low running threshold leading from in the extension, into the customers garden.

As you can see from the images, our team did exactly what was asked for them, and installed a low threshold Origin corner bi fold door and also some windows into their stunning extension project.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Bifold Doors

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