Origin Bi Fold Doors Installed in a Property, With an Orangery Installed in the Garden

The Brief:

When customers come into our showroom with an idea of what they are looking for, it is unsurprising for them to get distracted by some of the other projects that we have on display, this is especially the case in regard to the range of orangeries that we have built on site. With each orangery build different, with different products fitted in them, as well as orangery being intended for a specific use, these spaces always get a large majority of attention from our customers. Take this customer who came into our showroom to have a look at what bi fold doors we provided  for them and how we would go about installing them in their home. To discuss the details of the installation process, the customer asked if we would be able to sit in one of the orangeries, and after speaking about how we install our bi fold doors, the conversation eventually turned into a discussion about orangeries. When the customer had left our showroom, they had walked out knowing that not only were we going to install an Origin three pane bi fold door in their kitchen, but we were also going to build an orangery at the back of their house, which would include us fitting it with five floor to ceiling windows and a second Origin three pane bi fold door as well. As you can see from these images, the final results look fantastic, with this property not only having a new set of reliable Origin bi fold doors installed, but also a brand new living space that can be used all year round.

The Products Used:

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