Orangery Installed With Four Pane Bi Fold, Two Single Doors and a French Door

The Brief:

One of the main positives with orangeries is just how customisable they are, allowing customers to choose a number of different door and window options to provide their orangery with the unique look they are wanting to have. This customer for example chose to capitalise on the amount of door options available to them by having a type of door put on every side of the orangery. For the north wall facing the customers garden the customer decided to have a four pane bi fold installed across the whole wall, on the east wall the customer opted to have a single opening glass door with a floor to ceiling pane next to it, on the south wall we fitted a set of french doors to provide access from the customers house into the orangery, and finally on the west wall we installed a single glass door with a floor to ceiling window on one side of it and a opening window on the other side of it. As you can see from the images, this is truly a unique design for an orangery and easily takes peoples breath away.

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