Orangery in Nottingham

The Brief:

When it comes to installing our Orangeries, we try to make sure that the brickwork that we use for the Orangery is either the exact same or a very close resemblance to the bricks that were used in the construction of the customer’s property. In the past, we had a customer from Nottingham who came to us wanting to have an Orangery that was 8×4 Metres with two sets of French Doors on the front and side of the Orangery as well as two¬†adjoining doors to the house from the Orangerys interior. For this build, finding the brickwork was tricky due to the coloring and type of brick work that was used, but with perseverance we were able to find a type of brick that was almost identical to the bricks originally used to build the customer’s home and as you can see, there’s no visible difference.

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