Orangery Fitting Complete with Sash Windows and Doors

The Brief:

One of the main positives of our showroom is that due to having built orangeries and conservatories in the rear lot, we are not only able to show customers what we can build for them but we also help inspire them into creating their own orangeries or conservatories by having a variety of different colour options for products as well as variations in designs of our products. This customer in particular was inspired by the orangery we have in the rear of our showroom with french grey sash windows, so much so that they wanted to have an orangery built at their which was a similar design with a sash designed french door with eight vertical sliding sash windows fitted around the orangery, with two on either side of the sash designed french doors and the then two vertical sliding sash windows fitted on the east and west walls of the orangery, all of which would be finished in white. As you can see from the pictures of the orangery, it certainly has a very unique design and suits the customers property nicely.

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