Orangery Fitting On a Bungalow

The Brief:

One of the main positives of having an orangery installed at a property is that as a space it can be used for numerous different things, such as a new living area, a new dining room or even a kitchen. This particular customer wanted to have a new space fitted to their property which would be used as an entrance way for their back garden, as well as adding a place for the customer to keep their coats, jackets and shoes. As well as wanting a space to accommodate all of this, the customer also wanted the orangery to have a pitched skylight in the roof, two small windows at the top of the west wall, five windows on the south wall facing the back garden, two windows and a glass door leading into the back garden on the east wall and finally a window looking into the orangery from the north wall as well as an entrance door. As you can see from the images, this orangery is a nice addition to the property and provides all the new space the customer was wanting.

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