Orangery Fitted to be Used as Rehearsal Space

The Brief:

We always like to emphasise that orangeries are a multipurpose building for any property, and when it comes to constructing them they can made to any specifications that you would require. Thanks to these traits, it isn’t out of the ordinary for us to sometimes get requests for orangeries that aren’t going to be used as a living space, but be used as something completely different. This customer for example wanted to have an orangery fitted at the rear of their property that would be used as a music rehearsal space, which would also have a set of Real Aluminium sliding doors leading from the orangery into the house, a second set of Real Aluminium sliding doors installed leading from the orangery into the garden, and finally a two pane horizontal sliding window. As you can see from the images om display, this orangery makes a stylish addition to the home, and makes a perfect space for the customer to rehearse in.

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