Orangery Built with 2 Sets of Origin Bi Fold Doors

The Brief:

Over the years, our team has worked on various different orangery with each one varying in size and shape, which has resulted in our team having a wealth of experience when it comes to working on these kind of projects. It is why now, we are more than happy to take on any orangery build our customers have in mind for their new orangery extension. Take this customers project for example, they were wanting to not only build an orangery at the rear of their home, but also wanted have a raised patio built for the orangery to sit on as well as having a sitting area allocated on the patio. When it came to the orangery itself, the customer wanted to have a build measuring 10 metres, that would function as a sitting and dining room and would also have an area walled up to function as an office space for the customer to use, which would have a set of french doors leading to the garden, while the rest of the orangery would have 2 Origin bi fold doors fitted which would lead into the garden. As you can see from the images, our teams created a build that is really special and something that can be enjoyed in so many different ways.


The Products Used:

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