Conservatory Conversion in Leicester

The Brief:

Over the years, we have had a lot of customers come to us to ask about replacing their old Conservatory with a brand new Conservatory or Orangery replacement. In these cases of scenario, we will tend to ask customers to come to our Showroom to view what we have on offer and what we are capable of building for the customer at their home. We then present them will booklets and examples of materials that we can use for their build.

This was the exact method we took with a customer from Leicester who wanted their Conservatory replaced for a price that was within their price range. After inviting them to our showroom and allowing them to have a look around, they sat down with a member of our sales team and discussed the options that they could have. However, in order to know the dimensions and the available space that we were able to work with, an appointment was organised at the customer’s home in order to size up the space a week after their initial visit to the Showroom.

Once the measurements were collected, the customers asked if we would be able to replace their Conservatory with a Brand new Orangery occupying a similar amount of space that the Conservatory had previously. As well as this, they requested that the Orangery had two Sliding doors with one leading from the house into the Orangery and another one which would lead from the Orangery outside and three Sliding Sash windows on the side of the Orangery. As you can see, the change is drastic but is most definitely an improvement when compared to the old Conservatory.

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