New Orangery in Derby

The Brief:

After receiving one of our services, we will often have customers that will come back to purchase another of our products for their home in order to improve it more. This was the case when a customer of ours had some of our windows fitted two years before calling us up again about having an orangery fitted. Unaware as to the specifications of a Orangery however, an appointment was organised at the customer’s home to measure the space available and see how big the customer wanted the Orangery to be.

After providing all the relevant information to the customer, it was decided that the Orangery would be 7 metres in width by 5 metres in Length, attached to the kitchen via an open door way and attached to the garage as well via a separate entrance door, a 5 pane Bi-Fold door which would lead outside finished in French Grey and any of the roof frame would also be finished in French Grey. As you can see from the images, this makes a fantastic addition to the home providing a striking new look to this stunning property.

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