Light Oak Aluminium Sliding and Bi-Fold Doors in Derby

The Brief:

We at Basfords always aim to be able to provide our customers with a wide range of colours and options for any one of our products, ranging from contemporary styles to modern classics. When it comes to our Bi-Fold doors, a popular option are our Natural Wood style finishes including our Light, Dark and Natural Oak Finishes. Last year a customer of ours purchased a two pane and three pane Origin Aluminum Light Oak Bi-Fold Door to complete a home improvement project she was having at her home. When the Doors were complete the customer was so pleased with the results that they said “I’ll definitely be using you guys again soon”. Sure enough, early this year we received a call from them asking if we could replace two sets of sliding doors she had with one large Bi-Fold Door and another Bi-fold Door as well. After being measured up by a member of our team, the customer said they wanted a six pane Origin Bi-Fold door, a small four Pane Origin Bi-Fold Door and four windows added to the side of the six pane Origin Bi-Fold Door. As you can see from the images, these four Bi-Folds give the house a unique look within the rest of its area.


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