Introducing the Sunflex Range of Products

The Brief:

Our sales team are always on the lookout for new products for our customers, and are especially keen on finding products that are different from anything we are already selling. It is for these reasons why we are proud to have been selected to exclusively provide Sunflex’s line of products for customers in the midlands, and showcase their range of products in our showroom. Provide some of the slimiest profiles for Bi fold doors, sliding doors and windows in the UK Market, we simply couldn’t say no to adding these products to the other high quality aluminium products we provide. From this range of products, we opted to have Sunflexs’ SVG30 sliding door, SF55 bi fold door and their own tilt and turn window, all fitted in one of our orangeries which we are now calling our Sunflex Suite. Everyone here at Basfords is looking forward to a bright future with Sunflex as a new partner of ours, and we can’t wait to see what over products they release in the future.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Bifold Doors Aluminium Sliding Doors Aluminium Entrance Doors

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