Interior Dutemann Sliding Door Installation

The Brief:

When it comes to us providing customers with our range of bi folds and sliding doors, we like to make sure that they can used as more than just entrance ways leading outside of a customers home, but can also be used as¬†entrance ways into different areas of the customers house. This has allowed our customers to have products such as the Origin bi fold door to be installed inside their homes to separate spaces such as living rooms and kitchens, to provide a unique entrance door for their home. When this customer came to us, they were wanting to go down a similar route to this, and have a entrance door of some description installed to replace their conservatory and kitchen. Their main consideration though, was that they didn’t want to lose a lot of wall space in either the kitchen or conservatory, and with this being the case we suggested that our team widened the current single doorway and create an aperture that would fit a sliding door, which the customer was happy with. After looking at the various sliders we provide, the customer decided to go for a set of Dutemann Glide-S sliding doors, finished in pebble grey with black locking handles. As you can see from the images, the final results of this project are stunning, and show that whether they inside a home, or as an exterior entrance way, the Dutemann Glide-S sliding door can be the perfect addition to any home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Sliding Doors

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