Golden Oak Orangery Fitted with Three Sets of Patio Doors

The Brief:

Whenever it comes to completing one of our orangeries, we always aim to work our hardest to give our customers the best results possible when working on our jobs,and complete our orangeries so they look the best that they possibly can when they are finished. This job certainly showcases what our team is truly capable of, demonstration how a modern look can be integrated with contemporary. This particular customer was interested in having an orangery installed with four sets of french doors, all of which would be fitted with integral blinds, which would lead to the garden, these and the sky light of the orangery would also need to be finished in two colours with Golden Oak applied to the outside of the products and then white for the inside. As you can see from the images, the look of this Orangery is something truly unique and provides the customer with a fantastic living area to be used all year round.

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