Full Property Fitted With Origin Aluminium Windows

The Brief:

When it comes to customers having new windows installed in their house, we always ensure that we provide the customer with as many options as possible so that they are able to have a comprehensive look at what is available in the market, and to help the customer decide on what look would be best suited to their house. Sometimes however, our customers will see some work being completed at another property by our team and will enquire about our services and see if we would be able to do work for them, this was the case with this customer. This customer saw us working at their next door neighbours property and would later come to our showroom to ask us to install the same windows at the front and back of their home, which resulted in them having new Origin Aluminium windows fitted around their home. As you can see from these images, the final results are brilliant, especially the summer house in the back of the home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Windows

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