French Grey Origin Windows and Origin Bi Fold Doors Installed

The Brief:

Whenever customers of ours query available colours in regards to the products we sell, we always try to make sure that we have products from manufacturers that are able to provide a variety of different colours so customers are spoilt for choice when making a purchase. Being one of the most popular manufacturers, whos products we house in our showroom, Origin ensure that they provide their customers with 150 different colour options for all of their products, with the option of having dual colours on their products as well, in order to give customers as much freedom as possible, we try to show this to customers by having Origin products within our showroom finished in different colours. Take this customer for example, who wanted to have some new windows and a bi fold door fitted at their property and wanted to have them all finished in french grey. Well, thanks to Origins vast range of colours, the customer was able to get exactly what they wanted, and as you can see from the images, the new windows and bi fold doors look beautiful with this property.

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