French Grey Bi-Fold Doors in Derby

The Brief:

As mentioned recently, we have gained a new provider of our windows and doors in the form of Aluhaus. Aluhaus are a new type of Bi-folds and windows that have landed on the market and are proud to provide their German inspired windows to the UK market. Using sonic welding to join the sections of their products together, providing the lowest U value of windows in the country, being some of the most secure products on the market and the safest as well by utilising finger safe gaskets on all doors and windows, we have had customers already ordering their products since they’ve been put in our showroom.

One such customer came from Derby to see what Bi-fold doors we would be able to fit at their home. After the customer had a look at the products that we had on offer, we organised an appointment at their home and brought along information about their options. After thinking about what we had on offer, the customer decided to go for a three pane Aluhaus Bi-fold door in French Grey.

As you can see from the images, this set of Bi-fold doors add a finishing touch to this home with some good quality doors that will last for years to come.

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