French Doors Transformed into a Three Pane Bi Fold Door

The Brief:

When customers come to us asking if they are able to have some bi fold doors installed in their property, in many cases it can involve removing an existing entrance way or viewing space and then fitting a bi fold in the new space. In the past this has included removing rear residential doors, sliding doors, windows or french doors. In this customers case it was the latter, they had requested to have their uPVC french doors with two glass side panels finished in white replaced with an aluminium three pane bi fold finished in anthracite grey. As you can see from the images the job involved removing the current french doors, expanding the space where the side windows were placed and then fitting the new bi fold doors in their place and the results are massively different, providing the customer with much more natural light in their property and allowing the customer to open upp all of the space where the french door used to sit.

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