French Doors Replaced with Origin Three Pane Bi Fold Door

The Brief:

When it comes to customers making the decision of having a set of bi fold doors installed at their property, in many cases this involves removing a set of exterior entrance doors that are already in place, such as french doors or sliding patio doors. Although it’s believed this is a hard task to do, it is actually very simple as due to their already being an entrance way in place, our team won’t need to knock through the property as much to make a new aperture for the installation. This was the exact case when this customer came to our showroom and asked if we would be able to install a three Origin pane bi fold door in a space which was currently occupied by a Upvc french door. Upon inspection by our team, it was decided that it would be possible to install the Origin bi fold into the space, but a new steel lintel would need to be put in place and the current aperture would need to be increased. As you can see from the images, this differences between the original french doors and new Origin three pane bi fold door are massive, and allow the customer to have a new modern designed entrance way into the rear of their home.

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