External Office Space Built

The Brief:

Here at Basfords, we are always interested in taking on jobs that aren’t always classed as the norm when it comes to building living spaces for customers. This has involved us converting garages into a studio space with a wood canopy over an end, and also building garden rooms for customers to enjoy all year round. When this customer came to us though, they wanted to have an office area built in their garden, so they could have an area to focus in when working from home. When designing the new space, the customer wanted to have it measuring 4 metre by 3 metre, with a wooden finished exterior, and a three pane Origin Bi Fold Door to be the access route into the office space. As well as building this new space, we also conducted some landscaping in the customers back garden, including raising the garden up, and fitting a new wall as well. As you can see from the images, this new building at the customers property looks right at home in their back garden.

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