An Example of Sunflex Sliding Doors

The Brief:

Recently we have started selling Sunflex products to our customers, which are products renowned in the industry for having some of the slimmest sight lines available to the UK market. Out of their range of products though, there was one product from Sunflex that really caught our attention which was the Sunflex SVG30 sliding door, the slimmest framed Sunflex sliding door they provide. One of the positive about having a sliding door with a slim frame is that the door is able to let in a lot of natural light, as well as ensuring that someone is able to have a good view through the sliding doors. For this project provided by Sunflex, the customer was redeveloping their home and wanted to have sliding doors installed in their home to make the most of their garden views. As you can see form the images below, the final results are stunning and we can’t wait to install some of these sliding doors into customers home.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Sliding Doors

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