An Example of Sunflex SF55 Bi Fold Doors and Windows

The Brief:

When it comes to customers looking at bi fold doors, one of the main considerations is how slim the profile of the bi folds are, in order to allow more light into a property as well as maximising a view from inside of the property towards the exterior. It is because of these reasons we recently started working with Sunflex, who specialise with slimline aluminium profiles, providing our customers with bi fold doors, sliding doors and windows. One example of how slim the Sunflex range of products can be can be seen here, where this person was having a contemporary home built and had Sunflex install their SF55 bi fold door and some of their gable windows fitted across the rear of their home. Thanks to the slim profile of both of these products, the customers home the rear of their property looks stunning, and we can’t wait to install some of Sunflex’s products into our customers properties.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Bifold Doors Aluminium Windows

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