Dutemann Two Pane Sliding Doors Fitted

The Brief:

Whenever customers are conducting work at the rear of their property, it isn’t uncommon for them to consider how the view from the rear of their house will be affected by any new addition made to the property. When this is such a large consideration for a customer, the main thing we tend to suggest for them is to look at sliding doors, as with only one profile on display when the doors are closed, customers have a lower chance of something obstructing the view of their garden. This was the case when this customer came to our showroom as at the rear of their house they had a beautiful view of farmland that they wanted to view all year round, with this in mind we directed them over to our range of sliding doors and in particular the customer liked the look of the Dutemann Glide-S door we have on display, and after arranging an appointment with a member our team to visit their property, the customer paid for one on the spot. As you can see from these images, and when looking at the view out of the sliders, it’s obvious to see why the customer wanted to make sure they could see their view as it really is spectacular, and the sliders they have chosen as well only compliment this view.

The Products Used:
Aluminium Sliding Doors

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