Dual Colour Bi Fold Door Fitting

The Brief:

When it comes to our range of bi fold doors, we always try to make sure we are able to provide a large variety of colours for each door as we understand that the finish applied on a product can be one of the most important parts of the installation. Manufacturers tend to provide different colour options for their customers, including having standard colours (such as black, white and silver), Ral Colours (Anthracite Grey, French Grey and Slate Grey) and speciality colours (Light Oak, Walnut and Mahogany) all on offer for customers, these particular colours are available from Origin and Dutemann, two manufactures who’s products we have displayed in our showroom, are these finishes can be applied on either both sides of the product or as a dual colour option, allowing customers to have one colour on the inside of the product and another colour on the outside of the product. For this particular customer, they decided to go ahead with the dual colour option on a set of Origin five pane bi folds they had purchased and had a light oak finish applied on the exterior of the door and had a anthracite grey finished applied on the door panels on the inside of the door. As you can see from the images, the dual colour option chosen by the customer really helps this door to stand out in the customers property and provides both a traditional and contemporary look to the customers property.

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